Logix Platform April 2022 release

RTO Management

RTO is Reverse Management system which provides functionality to initiate and proceed the Return process. This functionality manages the return process for the undelivered shipments or returned shipments. Now Logix Platform reduces the complexity of return process of shipments for your business.

It allows a new feature to manage the RTO process against the waybill. Under the Settings module, there is a sub module “Delivery Configuration” tab available to configure RTO settings. Here no. of delivery attempts can be set for any waybill & system will keep monitoring on no. of atempts made.


Logix Platform allows a new feature to update the RTO of the waybill. It allows you to filter waybills based on Consignor, Delivery Attempts for updating the RTO. You can update RTO for a single waybill or multiple waybills & can update only in the case of minimum attempt count.  If multiple waybills are selected for update, the confirmation message will be displayed individually for every waybill. You could also email to Consignor with details of waybills which are updated as RTO. If the update is done for multiple waybills in a go, a single email will be sent with all the waybill details in it. The email web copy should have the following details in it - Waybill Number, Invoice Number, Reference Number, Booking Date.

RTO Contract

Now we have enhanced the customer contract. Customers can define the rate as per the service wise same as RTO rate, forward rate. Reverse rate is used for RTO. You need to do basic settings for RTO Shipment. 

Once the order has been given a non-delivered status from the courier, the following course of actions take place:


  • Most of the courier services re-attempt delivery of the order, at least 3 times.
  • The courier/ seller calls the customer and asks for a favourable delivery time.
  • Some of the couriers also send a text message or an IVR call to the customer, to know whether they would want to receive the parcel or decline it.
  • If the customer is not reachable by either of the methods or declines the order, an RTO is generated.
  • The order is then sent back to the seller’s registered address.